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    Over the past several years
everyone worldwide has seen
the cost of energy continue to rise whether you’re using gas, oil or electric for your cooling and heating needs. The best way to help keep the costs down is by putting together a plan and involving professionals to insulate your home or business.

    Specialty Insulation, located in Spokane, WA was started in 1972 by Norm Thomson. Norm as well as each of his team leaders has 20 to 30 + years of experience with insulation in both residential and commercial applications. 

    Specialty Insulation can develop and execute a broad range of services for our customers. Our professional experience can help you put together a plan in all phases of insulation for commercial, residential, and institutional sectors. Using our time tested model for bidding, contracting and scheduling will give you complete assurance of timely completion from start to finish no matter the size of the project. Our experienced professionals can provide superior engineering for projects to maximize return for builders and owners alike.

    With federal and local rebates and incentives being made available to current home owners, now more than ever is a good time to address your insulation upgrades. Click on the links below to see if any of these programs apply to your situation.



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